Hi! I‘m
Arnold Rauers.

Since 2012 I create mobile games
with various talented people
as Tinytouchtales.

We've made Card Crawl Adventure, Gnomitaire, Maze Machina, Miracle Merchant, Card Thief, ENYO and Card Crawl which are available on the App Store and Google Play.

I publish Game Jam games and showcase my game ideas and prototypes on Itch.io.

If you would like to support me and my work consider becoming a Patron. You can send me an Email, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok and join our Discord community.

2023-01-15 - Allgemein Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure Necromancer Update

Our first big content update for Card Crawl Adventure is now live on the App Store and Google Play.
You can now play the new character „The Necromancer“ and compete in a new game mode called „Challenge“.

The Necromancer is a character that comes with its own set of ally cards and mechanically revolves around summoning and sacrificing these Skeleton allies.

The new Challenge mode changes the base game quite a lot and it lets you play against an infinite amount of tavern bosses, testing your skill and endurance in a completely new way to play the game.

Please check out the update and if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to rate and review the game on the store.

2022-12-29 - Allgemein

End of Year 2022

2022-10-27 - Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure Desktop

2022-09-08 - Card Crawl Adventure

First month of Card Crawl Adventure

2022-08-17 - Tinytouchtales

10 Years of Tinytouchtales

2022-08-03 - Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure, iOS & Android, OUT NOW!

2022-07-29 - Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure Release, August 3rd 2022

2022-03-08 - Tinytouchtales